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[INST] Instrument Distribution: Contactless Pick-Up, March 30th

Sent: Thu Mar 26, 2020 • 8:00 AM PDT
From: Kneebone, Jason
[INST] Instrument Distribution: Contactless Pick-Up, March 30th
tl;dr - If your instrument is at school, check your pick-up time HERE, confirm it, show up on Monday at that time, play music again!

Music Families,

Thank you for finishing the instrument status survey, we now have 100% of responses in which is awesome! Individual emails with follow-up requests for additional information should have gone out to students by now.

We have been working with Site and District Admin to determine the best way to get the instruments that are still at school back into your hands. With the feedback we've collected and a tremendous amount of support, we're ready to implement the following steps:
  1. On Monday morning, March 30th, Performing Arts Staff will retrieve instruments from Packard Hall and stage them on the steps in front of the theater
  2. Starting at 10:00am, folks who need their instruments will be given a 5-minute time slot to arrive in the MVHS Staff Parking Lot (an enclosed vehicle is mandatory, no walking, biking, etc.) directly in front of the theater
  3. To keep the crucial Social Distancing protocols in place, Staff will deliver your instrument to your car and put it in your trunk for you
  4. You can safely get back to practicing!
For now, if your instrument is at school, here are the steps you can take before Monday:
  1. Check your pick-up time HERE - if anything needs changing (you do not need to pick up an instrument after all OR your name somehow missed the list OR you can further clarify the location) please comment on the Spreadsheet
  2. Later today, we will be sending a Meeting Invitation to students' MVLA email addresses for Monday, March 30th, from 10:00am to 3:00pm - please hit 'Yes' to confirm your 5-minute window
  3. Please note that your time slot may end up being adjusted by 5-10 minutes, depending on how much adjusting we need over the weekend - we'll send a final schedule by Sunday
  4. There are a few 'Notes' next to some students' names - please provide the requested information if you have it
If you don't receive the Meeting Invite or see your name on the list, that means you've noted that you have a suitable arrangement at home already. If changes need to be made, let us know as soon as possible. If not, no further action is required (besides practicing).

Percussionists, we will have Practice Pads and a pair of sticks for each of you. Please check the quick survey that will be sent to you so we have correct quantities.

Thanks again! Let's DO THIS!
-Jason & Anna


Jason J. Kneebone
| MVHS Performing Arts Department
| email: jason.kneebone (at) MVLA
| office: 650.940.4608 web:
"If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music." ~Gustav Mahler

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