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Answering Follow-up Questions Regarding Stable Learning Groups

Sent: Mon Mar 1, 2021 • 11:50 AM PST
From: Linde, Anna
Answering Follow-up Questions Regarding Stable Learning Groups

Hello All,

We received some great questions yesterday that we think will be information many of you will want to know.

Here they are in a question and answer format from our Department Coordinator, Jill Denny-

Can my child attend with their grade level and Performing arts?  What if their performing arts class is not on a Thursday.

The stable learning groups are offered as a way to allow students to be learning next to other students.  No instruction will be given by the teachers.  They will still learn online as they are now, during the same class periods they do now.  The reason we are offering a performing arts option is so that IF their Thursday class is a performing arts class, they will still be able to participate outloud or by moving in an outdoor space where everyone else will be doing the same.  They need to choose between Grade level, or performing arts.  If they choose Gradelevel then they won't have a designated space to participate out loud in.  This would mean they would not be able to sing with choir, or get up and dance, or play their violin.   That is something we do not want to have happen.  We have worked very hard to develop performance based ensembles and if we lose students due to being in a stable group where they can’t “plug in” that would be a very big loss for us.  Students who choose to participate in stable learning groups will do so on ONE day.  If they are in performing arts, it will be on Thursday.

How can I indicate I am choosing to participate in stable learning groups AND my child is in performing arts?

We do not have a button to select performing arts on the form, but there is a space provided for comments called ADDITIONAL NOTES.  Please indicate here they are in Performing Arts.  We will also run schedules of all kids who say they want to return to catch any performing arts students that slip by.

What happens if our student doesn't have a 7th period; can they go home after completing periods 1/3/5? 

Yes, that is correct!


Will this be the last opportunity for students to opt in for this school year?  Or, do you anticipate other opportunities as things continue to shift? 

Teri Faught will create additional windows to allow for students to opt-in. For example, in 2 or 3 weeks we will have another sign up for those who were not interested at first, but are later, It needs to be done in an organized and safe way which is why we can not have rolling opt-in. Additionally, if there are shifts in the model/if we go hybrid, that will be any additional opt-in opportunity.

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Anna and Ricky

Anna Linde
MVHS Instrumental Music
Inspiring communities with passion and purpose through the pursuit of musical excellence.

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