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Spartan Sound Details for Tomorrow's Game

Sent: Thu Sep 16, 2021 • 4:10 PM PDT
From: Linde, Anna
Spartan Sound Details for Tomorrow's Game
Hey Spartan Sound!
Spartan Sound.png
I hope you're excited for our second home game tomorrow- Friday, September 17th!!
Call time for all Spartan Sound musicians is at 6:00pm- Kickoff is at 7:00pm. 


UNIFORM- All Spartan Sound Members will be wearing the new spartan sound long sleeve shirt, hat, and long blue jeans or black pants. If you do not yet have your uniform, you will be able to get it at 6:00pm in Packard Hall.

3RD QUARTER- Spartan Sound will have the 3rd quarter off. Students will need to be back in the stands two minutes before the start of 4th quarter. 
*Our wonderful friends from the Snack Shack and our parent volunteers will be helping to distribute dinner at the black tent near Snack Shack. 
Remember, you are representing the Mountain View High School Music Program- practice kindness and act responsibly.

SPECTATORS- Family members and friends who wish to attend the game will need to pay for admission at the main entrance of the stadium. 



6:40 Band lines up the tunnel for the football team to run through near the south endzone.

6:45-6:55 National Anthem is announced, band plays National Anthem in the south endzone.

7:00 Kickoff



-2min before halftime, Band makes our way to the sideline 

-Halftime, Cheer performs first ~1min

-Band sets up arcs on the field. Band performs ~3min 

-Cheer joins band in front of arcs for All Right Now ~2min

-Band moves to tunnels. Plays Eat Em’ Up and Fight Song for Football



-Band has the 3rd quarter off. Food for band provided by LeAnn and team of volunteers near the Snack Shack 



-Band wraps up the game in the stands

Please be aware that all Spartan Sound information is subject to change in accordance with district and county COVID 19 restrictions. 

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. I'm looking forward to another fun night of supporting the football team under our brand new stadium lights! 

Go Spartans!
Anna Linde

Anna Linde
MVHS Instrumental Music
Inspiring communities with passion and purpose through the pursuit of musical excellence.

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Subject: Spartan Sound Details for Tomorrow's Game
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