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MVHS Spring Sports

Sent: Thu Mar 12, 2020 • 4:51 PM PDT
From: Smith, Shelley
MVHS Spring Sports

The Santa Clara Valley Athletic League, effective Friday 3.13.20, is suspending all spring sports’ competitions and games by and with their member schools.  The SCVAL Board of Managers with guidance from their Superintendents will monitor this terrible Covid-19 virus situation and provide our next steps as we progress.


Spring sports will be allowed to practice and train being conscience of social distances and not having large numbers in a gym or area.  The joy of sport and workout might be important due to these stressful times our student/athletes are going through.  Remember, hygiene and a soapy shower after every workout.



Brad Metheany

SCVAL Commissioner

Shelley Smith
Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher, Head Football Coach
Mountain View High School
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