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T-Shirt Order Form!

Sent: Thu Sep 9, 2021 • 8:05 AM PDT
From: Kate Stone
  • To: cross-cnty (at) MVHS ELISTS
  • Subject: T-Shirt Order Form!
  • From: Kate Stone <katestone1030@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2021 08:03:23 -0700
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T-Shirt Order Form!


Great job to everyone who submitted designs for the t-shirt competition, they all looked great! After our voting process, we have chosen one t-shirt and one sweatshirt that we will be completing a team order for. You can see the winning designs on the order form linked here! If you are interested in purchasing either or both of these items, please complete the form by Saturday, September 11th, so that we can get the order placed and have our new apparel as soon as possible!

Also, a reminder that there is no official practice today, so try to find some soft surface to run on. We will have practice on Friday to do our pre-meet and then our pasty party Friday night before the Lowell meet on Saturday! How exciting! 

See you Friday!

Your captains, 

Ellie, Shots, Kate, Emmanuel

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