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Fwd: Spartan Tennis the Week Ahead

Sent: Mon Feb 14, 2022 • 10:01 AM PST
From: Francis Smyth via boys-tennis
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  • Subject: Fwd: Spartan Tennis the Week Ahead
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Fwd: Spartan Tennis the Week Ahead

From: justin.stenger (at) MVLA
To: al.valdez (at) MVLA, fsmyth@xxxxxxx, julian_ong@xxxxxxxxx
Sent: 2/13/2022 9:17:38 AM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: Spartan Tennis the Week Ahead

MV Tennis,
Big week ahead that includes a practice match with Los Altos. 
Varsity will play at Los Altos and Frosh/Soph will be at Rengstorff Park. 3:30pm start time for both (arrive by 2:45pm); players with a 7th period class will be excused that day. 
Coaches will announce lineups at practice on Monday.
Mon/Wed/Thur: Practice 4-5pm
Tues: practice match at Los Altos 3:30pm start arrive by 2:45pm
Mon/Wed/Thur: Practice 5-6pm
Tues: practice match at Rengstorff 3:30-6pm arrive by 2:45pm
There will be no practice during the winter break so we must make the most of the tine we have on court this week. 
Have a Super Sunday.
Go Spartans!
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